We plant
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opportunity in
Project Opportunity
Most agree that education is key to alleviating poverty. Project Opport- unity provides 5 scholarships along with the tutoring and supportive assistance necessary for success.
Each year we've hired and trained a dedicated cadre of mothers to teach preschoolers how to brush. Over 2500 children now brush thanks to Project Opportunity.
Accidents are common, yet most don't know how to help. Over 2100 teachers, parents and service employees have learned to save lives through our classes.
Whether it's through special ed attention, teacher training or pre- school building improvements, Project Opportunity prioritizes early childhood education and families. 
Our advanced sewing students make masks for their families and to sell. A local factory employs five adult graduates of PO 6th grade diploma classes.
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COVID-19 has hit Nicaragua hard. Without a public health response or access to testing or results, many citizens have personally implemented protective measures as best they can. We've suspended most face-to-face activities until it's safer. 
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