• Replaced tin roofs, fans, built wall (2017)
  • Constructed shaded toddler play area (2016)
  • Upgraded wiring and built bodega (2015)
  • Replaced pit latrines with bathroom (2014)
  • Hired preschool teacher (2013)
  • Provided teacher training (2012)
  • Installed tile flooring and fencing (2012-13)
  • Constructed preschool "Gotitas de Esperanza" to serve 50 children (2011)
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Preschool Improvements

Project Opportunity
Preschool families dug the cavernous holes 
for the septic system. 
Project Opportunity built this bathroom with a 4-faucet low sink and 4 toilets. 

Each year we collaborate with community preschools to provide materials, classroom assistance, teacher training and facilities improvements. Our contributions include:
Project Opportunity identifies preschoolers with special needs and provides individualized attention to address their difficulties. We purchase and distribute needed supplies such as crayons, scissors, children's books and teacher materials to 6 community preschool classrooms.