Scarleth Blanco, at age 19, now lives and studies in San José, Costa Rica. She completed her 5th semester in International Relations at Universidad Americana in Managua with an A average. She continues her studies at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica and also studies English. In her 8th year as a Project Opportunity student, she impresses us and her professors with her enthusiasm for divergent perspectives and social justice. 

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Frania Martinez is 23. She was the valedictorian of her 2017 UNAN Nursing School graduating class and has stellar recommendations from her professors and practicum supervisors. Project Opportunity granted her request to go to Costa Rica to study with Larry and Scarleth. She attends the Master's Program in Intensive Care Nursing at Universidad de Iberoamericana (UNIBE). Frania is dedicated, insightful and extremely grateful.
Mercedes Carmona is 23 and a single mother with two preschoolers. Project Opportunity arranged an 8 week in-service practicum in the kitchen of a local restaurant early in 2018. She demonstrated responsibility and excellent teamwork abilities, plus she learned to prepare a menu of dishes. Mercedes is also passionate about school and academics. Project Opportunity supports her in secondary school classes on Sundays; she hopes to complete 8th grade this year. 
Larry Ramos, now 23, graduated with top academic honors from the National University (UNAN) Nursing Program in 2017 and completed a year-long practicum in 2018. As of September 2018, he began a Master's Program in Intensive Care Nursing at Universidad de Iberoamericana in San José, Costa Rica. Thanks to 6 years of Project Opportunity support, Larry is close to fulfilling his goals and dreams of becoming a highly-trained professional.
Jovania Leiva is 25 and has always loved motors and mechanics. With her high school diploma and no formal training in mechanics, her job prospects were few. Project Opportunity gave her a scholarship in 2017 to study in Politécnico La Salle's Auto Mechanics Program. In addition, PO paid for a simple eye surgery and glasses so that now she can see out of both eyes. She's earning top grades; her male classmates continue to ask her for help.
Pedro Centano is also in his second year in Politécnico La Salle's 3-year Auto Mechanics program. At 23, he's focused and an excellent student. Due to his extreme financial need and obvious dedication, he joined the Project Opportunity "family" of students in 2018. He helps at an auto shop weekends where he gets good hands-on experience. He's particularly adept and interested in computer applications, which will serve him well.
Lester Gutiérrez is 21. He graduated from the Auto Mechanics program at Politécnico La Salle in 2017 and landed a job at the nearby sugar refinery, San Antonio, working on heavy machinery. After the sugar harvest, he was fortunate to be selected for a specialized training program at NIMAC (Nicaragua Machinery Company). Lester has benefited from Project  Opportunity support and encouragement for 6 years. Now mature, well-prepared and confident - we all hope that he'll be chosen by NIMAC to become an employee.