Scarleth Blanco now 18; attends Universidad Americana in Managua, an excellent private university. In her 7th year as a Project Opportunity student, she is majoring in International Relations while rapidly becoming fluent in English. She impresses us and her professors with her enthusiasm for reading and divergent ideas. Without PO's support, none of this would have been possible.

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Lester Gutiérrez is 20 and in his 3rd and final year of the Auto Mechanics program at Politécnico La Salle. He chose a 4-month practicum specializing in heavy machinery. This is his 5th year with Project Opportunity as a student, having earned his high school diploma in 2014. Lester has truly come into his "own" this last year, gaining in confidence and maturity. Next is a job!
Luisa Espinoza is 23 and Pablo's mother. Two years ago she felt overwhelmed and hopeless about her son and his profound needs. She's highly intelligent, as is Pablo. With Project Opportunity's help, she now attends University-level English classes, earns all A's, and plans to teach English at a private school. She's "blossomed", gaining in maturity, enthusiasm for life and hope for the future. 
Larry Ramos is 22. He graduated with academic honors from the National University (UNAN) Nursing Program in 2017. He chose nursing over becoming a doctor because he wanted to have more patient and family contact. Now in his 5th year of Project Opportunity support, Larry is in a year-long practicum serving a rural community. He hopes to specialize in intensive care.
Jovania Leiva is 24 and has always loved motors and mechanics. With her high school diploma and no formal training in mechanics, her job prospects were few. Project Opportunity gave her a scholarship in 2017 to study in Politecnico La Salle's Auto Mechanics Program. She's jubilant, earning top grades and has adapted well to her all-male class. Her classmates even ask her for help.
Jairo Zambrano is 23 and in his last year of medical school at the National University. He recently attended a 2-month study opportunity in nephrology at the U. of North Carolina. Project Opportunity provides necessary financial help so that he can complete his program, graduate and transition to a paid residency program. His financial situation had become beyond precarious.
Pablo Espinoza is 5 and has neurological deficits and autism symptoms. Due to his aggressiveness and hyperactivity, he was expelled from preschool. Project Opportunity supported comprehensive evaluations, then provided individual tutoring and parent coaching. Now Pablo is thriving at private preschool Primeros Pasos with a full-time psychology aide at his side. He's even surpassed his classmates in writing and reading skills.