Scarleth Blanco, at age 21, studies International Relations and Diplomacy at Universidad Americana in Managua. She earns an A average and receives increasing recognition for her writing and critical thinking skills. She's achieved proficiency in English. Now in her 10th year as a Project Opportunity student, she impresses us all with her maturity, enthusiasm for divergent perspectives and commitment to social justice. 

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Frania Martinez is 25. She was the valedictorian of her 2017 UNAN Nursing School graduating class. Project Opportunity granted her request to join Larry and go to Costa Rica to study in the Master's Program in Intensive Care Nursing at Universidad de Iberoamericana (UNIBE). Frania is dedicated, insightful and extremely grateful. She earns excellent grades. Now, nearing graduation, she is studying English and weighing options for next professional steps.
Larry Ramos, now 26, graduated with top honors from Nicaragua's National University (UNAN) Nursing Program in 2017. In September 2018, he entered a Master's Program in Intensive Care Nursing at Universidad de Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Costa Rica. Thanks to 7 years of Project Opportunity support and his hard work and dedication, Larry will fulfill his dream of becoming a highly-trained professional. An added accomplishment- he auditioned and currently performs with the National Costa Rican Symphony Chorus.
Jovania Leiva has always loved motors and mechanics. Project Opportunity provided a scholarship in 2017 to study in Politécnico La Salle's 3-year Auto Mechanics Program. In addition, PO paid for a simple eye surgery and glasses so that now she can see out of both eyes. Now a proud graduate, she's job hunting - a process made all the more difficult with the economic impacts of the pandemic. She earns some income doing motorcycle repairs from her home.
Pedro Centano also graduated from Politécnico La Salle's 3-year Auto Mechanics program in 2019. He received the program's top award for excellence. Upon graduation, staff worked closely with him and with Jovania to develop their resumes and job search skills. At 26, he's now employed by an Auto Mechanics Shop in Managua. Pedro is particularly adept and interested in computer applications and diagnostic technology, which will serve him well in the future.
Lester Gutiérrez is 25. He graduated from the Auto Mechanics program at Politécnico La Salle in 2017 and landed a job at the nearby sugar refinery, San Antonio, working on heavy machinery. After the sugar harvest, he was fortunate to be selected for a specialized training program and then hired at NIMAC (Nicaragua Machinery Company). Having benefited from Project  Opportunity support and encouragement over 6 years, he's maintained his employment at NIMAC through civil unrest and now the pandemic-a HUGE accomplishment.