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In 2011 Jorge had severe club feet and was unable to walk. We advocated and partnered with 6 NGOs, 3 orthopedists and physical therapists. Our team provided extensive family support through surgery and treatments. Jorge can now walk, run and play. And he loves soccer!
Genoveva (on L) is the Director of the Auto Mechanics Program and works closely with us on behalf of our students. She specializes in electricity. Our students work with her in her home-auto shop. 

Project Opportunity
Leveraging our impressive track record and trustworthy reputation,
we partner with families and other NGO's to expand our efforts to benefit Nicaraguans.
Maribel (R) and Paz de Luna restaurant train Mercedes to work in a professional kitchen. She was so good, they hired her! 
Xiomara (on R), lost her left eye from a flying splinter when her brother was chopping wood. PO, in collaboration with her family and physician, shares treatment costs. In 2017 - we made it possible for her to get a prosthetic eye.