Project Opportunity Board of Directors
    Deborah DeWolfe, Ph.D., President and Treasurer
​    Kate Stewart, M.S., Vice-President and Secretary
​    Steve Russell, Director - Photography, Web site development
​    Laurie Greig, Ph.D., Director -  Early childhood education, Educational psychology
​    Paul "Skip" Vonckx, M.B.A., Director - Financial management, Budget planning and analysis

Deborah DeWolfe, Ph.D., MSPH, Director and Co-Founder, is a clinical psychologist with experience in community organizing and public health. For over 30 years, she worked as a disaster mental health expert in the U.S. at the national, state and local levels as well as maintained a private clinical and consulting practice. In Nicaragua, Project Opportunity benefits from her ability to reach across cultural, class and educational differences while attending to details - both fiscal and operational. 
Kate Stewart, M.S., CPE, Co-Founder and Project Manager, has worked in the field of Occupational Health and Safety as an ergonomist. As faculty at the University of Washington's School of Public Health, she earned Fulbright and Fogarty grants to travel to developing countries in Central America and SE Asia. She teaches and consults at the National University in León. Project Opportunity benefits from her expertise in organizing tasks to get them done while making people laugh.
Vicenta Irene Hernández Rosales, Job Skills Instructor and Consultant, helps keep Project Opportunity endeavors on track. She provides invaluable consultation on local customs and culture. When her hotel job and responsibilities as a single mother and grandmother permit, she does a superb job assisting with our "Programa Mucama" that teaches mothers the skills necessary to obtain hotel housekeeping jobs.
Juan Duarte, "Save a Life!" Instructor, has been an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Nicaraguan Red Cross for over 20 years. Over the past 7 years, Juan has worked with Project Opportunity teaching our two-hour class. His classes are always dynamic and engaging - he gets everyone to participate and practice the techniques. Since he also works as an EMT; he can answer most participant questions.

Project Opportunity

About Us: Our Staff and Board of Directors
René Lucía Real Lechado, Program Coordinator, began with Project Opportunity nine ears ago overseeing education at preschool, "Las Gotitas de Esperanza". She then took over the adult job training programs, taught the adult primary classes and facilitated our work with special needs preschoolers. Now she is Project Opportunity's in-country Program Coordinator. She brings considerable prior job experience in community building and education. René's dedication and sense of humor are appreciated by all. 
Claudia Francisca Rodríguez, Accountant, brings considerable experience having worked with numerous US non-profits working in Nicaragua. She facilitates and reviews detailed accounting of Project Opportunity funds in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and maintains frequent communication with US leadership. She orients students and staff and assures accurate accounting. Her commitment to our mission and the well-being of the students is impressive.