Janet Anderson and Evelyn Anderton
Susan Anemone and Barry Griffin
Cass Avery and Paloma Martinez Sánchez
Badgley Phelps Wealth Managers
Stephen Bao
Bee Barker and Nick Horton
Lorraine Barrick and Paul Maybee
Barbara Barry
Sylvia Becker-Dreps and Chris Dreps
Chris Bernart
Jeff and Mary Lynn Bogdanovich
Constance Cameron
Mitzi Carletti
Frances Carr
Sharon Carson
Tom Clement
Susan Cooper
Judith and David Culver
Brenda Cunningham and Tim Manns
Bill and Susanne Daniell
Marie Dessommes
Jim and Adrienne DeWolfe
Pete and Deborah DeWolfe
Polly Feinberg and Bob Platka
Patricia Tusa Fels
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Holly Theodore Finan (John J. & Georgiana 
Theodore Foundation)
Brian Flynn
Rick and Suzanne Gleason
Lynn Gonzalez
Laurie Greig
Terry Graham and Jerri Torson
Lisa Gussak
Laurie Haines
Bill Healey
Jan Hesslein and Allen Sanders
Peter and Jane Hessein
Hotel Azul -  León
Hotel Cacíque Adiact – León
Hotel El Convento – León
Michael Johnson and Lauren Montgomery
Ted and Kris Johnson
Chris Kamila
Project Opportunity
Our Donors and Supporters
January 2016 - July 2017

Michael Kelch and Marilyn McIntyre
La Libelula - León
Melissa Leone
Paulette Lieska
Libbey Livingston
Mark Malone and Joan DeClaire
Laurie McCullem
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Sarah Mendoza-Shelton
Richard Miller and Jules Strand
Christy and Frank Monahan
Barbara Morgan and Stephen Gall (Owen Morgan
Memorial Fund Schwab Charitable)
Gerry Morrison and Julie Weston 
Nicaraguan Children’s Friendship Committee
Paula Ogden-Muse and Jeff Muse
Paz de Luna Cafe - León
Linda Peters
Janet Peterson
Anne Phillips and Jake Oshins
Joyce and Rick Rice
Steve Russell
Jain Rutherford
Veronica Sanchez and Jeffrey Bornstein
Suzanne Schlicke
Jack and Cynthia Shelton
Barbara and Michael Silverstein
Lin Skavdahl and Steffany Raynes
Cap Sparling
Linda Spurling-Krug and Terry Krug
Bob and Merrily Stewart
Tim and Laurie Stewart
Dave Stromquist 
Marion Sweeney
Takeda Matching Gifts Program
Mary Torkelson
Paul “Skip” Vonckx and Zanny Milo
Sharyn Wallin
Anne Weaver
Marcia Weaver and Michael Chapko
John Weeks and Jeana Kimball
Pam Weeks and Pamm Hanson
Andrea Weiser
Susan and Richard Winslow

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