How We're Different

We personally oversee every dollar spent so NONE of your money is siphoned off or used for “hidden” costs.

Your donated dollars go to as many Nicaraguans as possible: seamstresses, carpenters, construction workers, bakers, small shop owners and local materials suppliers. If we can’t make it or build it, we buy it in León or Managua from Nicaraguan-owned businesses.
While Project Opportunity works at the grassroots level with simple interventions, our multi-faceted professional careers give us perspective and wisdom. We can make some things happen quickly and we also know when to stop pushing and change course. Co-founders Deborah DeWolfe and Kate Stewart work in-country as much as possible.
We work collaboratively, shoulder-to-shoulder with 
our Nicaraguan partners. Honesty, mutual respect, laughter, constant learning and great spurts of creativity define these working relationships.
Project Opportunity is small and efficient.  
Help us plant seeds that grow!
Project Opportunity
Your dollars go directly to programs because we pay all of our own expenses and most overhead costs.

Empowerment is our focus. By providing these opportunities, you are fostering hope and helping Nicaraguans to move out of poverty and connect with their dreams.